You want your team members to be able to take good decisions in a quicker and more autonomous way.

You need to clarify your team’s mission, objectives and roadmap.

You would like your teams to freely express questions, suggestions and dysfunctions and collectively find answers.

Step back and progress in autonomy
  • improve your employees’ level of motivation and satisfaction
  • rely on autonomous, responsible and committed teammates who take their part in the definition of their team’s governance and roadmap
  • respond more quickly to customer requirements, challenges of transformation and enterprise context changes.

We accompany you in your progression towards more efficiency and pleasure to work together

VestaTeam offers individual accompaniment, team coaching and training to allow each team member to participate in the definition of new ways of working together to be more efficient and take the best of the synergies among the group.

A complete offer that combines coaching and training
DevOps Coaching

Convinced that autonomous teams are able to find the best solutions to properly organize the IT within its ecosystem, we accompany integrated teams in the definition of new DevOps operating modes, we train internal DevOps Coaches and share DevOps stakes with the executives of both IT and business departments.

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Teams' accompaniment
  • Build the team’s framework: establish vision, mission and objectives, share a roadmap and define the team’s rules
  • Creatively propose all team members to express themselves on important matters to be more efficient but also to enforce trust and solidarity among the team and share best practices
  • Challenge the team with new insights so it constantly brings value to its organisation

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To train team coaches and managers with a coaching mindset

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Individual Coaching
To harmoniously combine personal objectives with team’s transformation

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About Vesta
Vesta is the Roman goddess of the hearth. It symbolizes the flame that burns inside each of us, the fire that we feed as it shows us the way and leads us in our projects.