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04 Seminaire d'equipe

You need to allow your team to take on more responsibility and gain more autonomy to act quickly and effectively?

You want to involve your team in its governance definition in order to make committees and meetings more fluid and fruitful?

Your team needs dedicated moments to share and model best practices, debate on important matters and confront ideas in a constructive way?

To co-construct its own path :
  • Your team is able to put efficient and creative solutions in place in response to your organisation’s stakes
  • The team members work in a spirit of solidarity and trust
  • You can rely on an efficient and more autonomous team and enhance its members’ level of satisfaction.
Gather the team to make it progress in maturity

Unmatched moments to get together, share and elaborate, our collective intelligence and co-construction workshops aim at:

  • Defining the mission and team goals
  • Turning from a sum of individuals into a team which operating mode is understood and accepted
  • Strengthening cohesion, confidence and solidarity within the team
  • Designing, sharing and communicating a vision and a roadmap.


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