You want to develop your interpersonal skills and those of your employees to improve efficiency and have more pleasure working together?

03 Communication authentique

Our trainings are resolutely animated by a coaching spirit.

Designed in collective coaching session during which the group shares, co-builds and finds in own solutions between participants while benefiting from the coach’s contributions.

We offer a training offer based entirely on co-development using collective coaching sequences and role based scenarios.


VestaTeam is “Datadocké” to allow funding of our trainings by your OPCA






Communication and management training

You want to develop your relational skills and those of your collaborators to gain efficiency and enjoy working together?

Share your own vision and learn to understand that of others, mobilize and effectively and respectfully delegate in order to implement solutions to “work well together”.

The 3 postures of the manager

(In collaboration with C Comme Cohérence)

Understand and master the 3 main facets of an effective manager :

  • Team Leader: Make-Do Effectively, Mobilize, Motivate and Organize
  • Facilitator: Coordinate activities and ensure consistency, Communicate synergistically and foster constructive relationships
  • Manager coach: Develop the potential and confer autonomy, Accompany, challenge and guide solutions

Team coaching training

For managers and professionals wishing to adopt the coach’s posture: low position, listening, questioning and equip themselves with tools to develop teams’ maturity.

This team coaches training is divided into 3 modules:

  • The basics of coaching
  • Team cohesion
  • The co-construction

Next session will take place in partnership with Agile Tribu starting on March 2019.

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