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Mathieu D.

“Accessible, always listening and placing people at the heart of projects, Loïc has also been able to develop my career by coaching me regularly: adjusting the goals in my career expectations and keeping me demanding towards my clients and myself. ”


Martin V.
“The owner of a small business, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by problems. My attention is captured by the urgency of everyday life and the weight of habits. I do not find the time or the courage to face some of my issues with enough distance. Loïc helps me to look at the different elements of both my professional and personal environment in a more serene and above all pragmatic way at. Never does he tell me how to run my business nor give me good advice. thanks to him, I can now avoid lying to myself. We identify problems and above all we put them back in their proper places. ”


Oihid D.

“I have had many opportunities to work with Loïc, and I must say that I’ve been always impressed with the speed and relevance of its analysis of any situation. He has an incredible mind of deduction and insight. He’s also capable of remaining responsive to other points of view, and do not hesitate to ask the opinion of less experienced people. I came out richer and more dynamic after each of my collaborations with Loïc. He succeeds to motivate, challenge and push anyone to excel while respecting each different nature and personality. ”


Modeste Z.

“I have worked with Loïc on various consulting transformation projects. As a Manager, Loïc has always put me in the best working conditions to achieve my goals and satisfy customer needs thanks to his experience and his interpersonal skills. His humanizing management and its efficient working methodology to go to what is really essential, helped me progress humanly and professionally. He was able to empower me and grant me the autonomy necessary to express and develop my consulting skills. “

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