DevOps Coaching

Transform the IT organisation to meet the challenges of digitization

What if the most appropriate individuals to define the new DevOps organisation were among IT teams and their business stakeholders?

co-developpement to coach you IT organisation

Autonomy, initiative and co-construction are the cornerstone of the group’s effectiveness

Convinced that autonomous teams are able to find the best solutions to properly organize the IT within its ecosystem, we propose to:

  • Prepare and animate collective intelligence workshops to define the new DevOps organization
  • Accompany integrated teams to take best benefits of new tools and leverage the collaboration culture in their specific context
  • Train internal DevOps Coaches to relay DevOps practices among the teams and accompany them through their maturity progression.
  • Make the executives of both IT and business departments aware of the principles and the benefits of DevOps and collect their own stakes in the matter.
What is the content of the workshops?

Ateliers DevOpsTo start with, we propose one or more workshops on the issues and objectives of your DevOps initiative during which we jointly develop our accompaniment approach. According to what we have agreed, the consecutive workshops focus on cohesion of the different teams (including the one that drives the implementation of DevOps), operating principles, delivery model and governance.

How to accompany integrated teams?

We assume that the pre-existence of agile rituals (Scrum or Kanban most often) within the team is a prerequisite for the adoption of DevOps. If this is not the case, we propose to accompany the teams in the scoping of their product and on all or part of their first iteration (Scrum).

For teams with a certain agile maturity, we observe agile rituals with the aim of proposing improvements with a view to more closely integrating the Ops within the teams. Thus, they are able to take ownership of the new DevOps operating modes while gradually integrating the new collaborative culture.

Why train internal DevOps Coaches?

Training internal coaches allows you to quickly acquire a good level of autonomy to promote and distribute your DevOps offer within the organization. It is also a question of mastering the messages to be passed on to the teams and ensuring that the accompaniment provided is at the same time imbued with the culture and the context of the organization and also takes into account each team’s culture.

When should  the executives be made aware of DevOps?

As soon as possible…

In fact, as soon as the first initiatives demonstrate tangible results in line with the DevOps objectives. This underlines the importance of having set from the beginning clear indicators that measure the results of the process.

Making executives more aware of the DevOps initiative allows them to understand its strategic stakes and ambitions but also to be able to express their own issues that will nourish reflection and contribute to the dynamic.

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Who will accompany you?

Loïc Delcros, a certified professional coach and head of VestaTeam, manages all DevOps coaching missions. VestaTeam relies on a network of consultants and coaches acquainted with IT organizations on the themes of DevOps, Agility, Integration of services and suppliers. These close and committed partners are able to bring feedback and best practices to our customers’ managers and teams.

In 20 years of experience in the management of IT services, former director of an IS management consulting team, Loïc has also had the pleasure of accompanying the biggest CIOs on transformation projects at an international level.

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