Loïc Delcros

A certified professional coach in both individual and team coaching, Loïc is inspired by a very pragmatic spirit: set clear, accurate and achievable objectives, take concrete action to achieve them and measure progress after each significant action is taken.

Holding a DESS (Master 2) in Paris Dauphine as initial education, he spent the first 20 years of his professional life in the IT industry including 8 years in management consulting. He had managerial responsibilities that led him to contribute developing skills to build successful careers for his colleagues.

This strong business experience is a sound foundation for his coaching practice. His activity is now fed by the experience of the challenges that reconciling our different roles in life may represent.

Change management is also a key element in his career. In particular, he was in charge of deploying the new French passport in 2009 and responsible of change management during the IT reorganization of one of the world’s largest insurance companies.

Playing the guitar and a member of a Jazz Band, he also learned a lot from music, group play and improvisation. His long practice and various musical experiences have taught him to listen, respect and seek synergy with other people. Father of four, he also has worked deep and wide to find harmony between a busy career and the other life domains that are important to him.

His mission is to allow his customers and their teams to progress in autonomy.

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